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"Watching Mike do huge math equations in his head—even faster than a calculator—is extraordinary. To see kids do exactly the same thing is life changing. But Mike was not born a genius. He broke learning skills down into simple easy to follow steps, which are not taught in schools. Skills that every student needs for success. In doing so, he wants to empower all individuals to be able to reach their full potential."

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· Brainetics teaches you to use your brain more efficiently to process and memorize information so you can do amazing things with math and memory!

· Over 200,000 Sold! As Featured on ABC's 20/20 News Show + Award Winning Educational Game: Dr. Toy, Brain Toy, Parent's Choice, & Mom's Best Winner.

· Designed by Mike Byster - A self-taught whiz with a knack for identifying patterns in words and numbers, Mike’s gift has earned him recognition by Princeton researchers as possessing one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world!

· What's Included: Brainetics Complete DVD Set (Levels 1-5) + DVD Levels 6 & 7: Memory & More Cool Math + Interactive Playbook + On The Move...10 Mind-Building Games for the Whole Family + Brain Boosting Guide + Online Support from Mike Byster + Parents' Manual

Teacher Approved! After volunteering Brainetics to over 5,000 students, many principals & teachers have implemented the system in their classroom - with students raving about improved mental capacity!     



Mike Byster's Book 'The Power of Forgetting" Now in Stock!